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About The Arc

The Arc of Snohomish County
2500 Hewitt Ave, Suite 300 Everett, WA 98201

Shayne Nagel, Executive Director

Jamie Coonts, Program Director


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The content of this email is for informational purposes only; includsion does not constitute an endorsement by The Arc of Snohomish County or any of its programs.

Coming up at The Arc
Supporting Individuals with Brain Injury
      Wednesday, June 20th           11am-12:30pm
      Adult Caregiver Support presented by Mary Hughes,
      Brain Injury Alliance of Washington.
     Mary@arcsno.org (425) 258-2459 x113
Arc in the Park
      Saturday, June 23rd                  12-2pm
      Meet Arc staff and enjoy a FREE 
      picnic lunch (provided), music, playground, splash pad and animal farm.
      Held at the Forest Park picnic shelter
            Lynnea@arcsno.org (425) 258-2459 x106
Understan/01/9I/me99Kc32h9rtY4Rior Park
Lynnea@arcsno.org (425) 258-2459 x106
      &Tu;Wednth         112:30pm
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Kyl">Jamie@arcsno.org (425) 258-2421raan>
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  &ndiv>sNetwoheJamie@arcsno.org (425) 258-X104span>
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