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default (PBIS) Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports  Draft

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pdf 2014 Legislative Candidates Forum  Expired

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2014 Legislative Candidates Forum.pdf


default 3,2,1 Bounce  Draft

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321 Bounce Flyer Dec 2011 spanish.pdf

Jueves Diciembre 29

1:15 to 2:15 pm


Espacio limitado por favor de reservar lo mas pronto possible 

Costo: $5 por cada niño

default 3,2,1 Bounce  Draft

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321 Bounce Flyer Dec 2011.pdf

Thursday December 29th

1:15 to 2:15 pm


RSVP Required Space is Limited

default Absolute Air Park  Draft

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Absolute Air Park flyer April 2012.pdf


pdf ADHD and Anxiety  Expired

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ADHD and Anxiety

“ADHD and Anxiety”

Helping your Child Succeed

at Home & at School


Jennifer Gallegos

Certified CHADD Parent to Parent Volunteer

pdf Adult Caregiver October 2014  Expired

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Adult Caregiver -October 2014.pdf

Adult Caregiver  October 2014

Housing Options: Homeownership, Adult Family Homes, & other Alternatives. Presentations from: Parkview Services, Adult Family Home Coordinator (DSHS/DDA), & the launching of The Arc of Snohomish County Housing Guide Questions and Answers!

pdf Adult Caregiver - Special Needs Trusts  Expired

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Adult Caregiver -November 2014.pdf

Adult Caregiver - Special Needs Trusts

Special Needs Trusts: Do not jeopardize your loved one’s benefits! A special needs trust provides a way for a person with a disability to receive financial support while remaining eligible for needs-based government benefits like Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

default Adult Caregiver Meeting  Draft

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Adult Caregiver - April2012.pdf


pdf Adult Caregiver September 2015  Expired

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Adult Caregiver -September 2015.pdf

Adult Caregiver September 2015

Denise Redinger, From Redinger Law Offices PLLC Guardianship Questions and Answers!

default Adult Caregiver Support  Draft

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Adult Caregiver - January 2012.pdf

Rod Duncan,

DDD Supervisor & MPC Coordinator


Presentation on

Medicaid Personal Care (MPC) Assessments,

Waivers and Questions & Answers

default Adult Caregiver Support  Draft

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Adult Caregiver -December 2013.pdf


default Adult Caregiver Support - Guardianship Laws  Draft

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Adult Caregiver - March 2014.pdf


default Adult Caregiver Support - Medicaid  Draft

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Adult Caregiver -Feb 2014.pdf


default Adult Caregiver Support - Social Security  Draft

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Adult Caregiver - January 2014.pdf


default Adult Caregiver Support-Disability Rights of Washington  Draft

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Adult Caregiver - May 2012.pdf


default Adult Caregiver Support-Financial Planning  Draft

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Adult Caregiver - Oct 2012.pdf

acg october2012

default Adult Caregiver Support-Longterm Care  Draft

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Adult Caregiver - Sept 2012.pdf

icg sept2012

pdf Adult Caregiver-Medicaid  Expired

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Adult Caregiver -February 2015.pdf

Adult Caregiver-Medicaid

Jennifer Ferguson,


DSHS Disability Determination Services

Presentation on Medicaid

Questions and Answers!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2014

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

default Alternative Augmentative Communication  Draft

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CF Sharlet Lee Jensen 2012.pdf

Sharlet Lee Jensen

Speech-Language Pathologist, LLC

“Alternative Augmentative Communication” 

Sharlet will be talking about:

  • Why and how kids with autism can benefit from  alternative/augmentative communication
  • Approaches to first improving natural communication (speech, gestures)
  • Considerations for choosing low and/or high tech communication devices
  • Getting coverage for low and/or high tech communication devices
  • Area resources

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